An auspicious day for MOVING INTO MY NEW HOME :-)

Thursday 28th June 2012… the time is right for me to move into my lovely new home in Bali.

The calendar says it’s an auspicious day and the Mangku (holy man) is available to do the ceremony (this always HAS to happen in Bali).  I’m ready and totally excited about moving in – all systems are GO!

Counting the days until I move in

Counting the days until I move in

Well… the house itself still needs some finishing touches, but that’s no problem.

Look out Rumah Jepun…. here I come!  Updated photos here.

Doesn’t it make you wanna come and stay in one of the downstairs rooms? – just contact me if you are interested

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  1. Reblogged this on writing for self-discovery and commented:
    Julie is counting the days until she moves into the new home she is building in Bali. Her move is of special significance to me because I will be occupying her OLD home next week when she vacates. Note that she has two rooms for rent in her brand new house! Julie has also co-authored a book you might enjoy: “A Taste of Bali” that includes her poetry and humorous tales of life on the island of Bali. Enjoy Julie’s blog!

    • Hey Sherry, thanks for reblogging this… I’m already in my new home – and loving it :-). There is still some work being done to finish things off, especially in the downstairs rooms and the garden, but essentially it is liveable and lovable.
      It’s taken a while to get internet sorted for me here, but it seems okay now… So I will blog about Villa Jepun again soon, meanwhile I have left my internet connection in my old house… it is a long cable and so it can be used inside the house and on the terrace.
      Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Louise Habgood

     /  28/06/2012

    Hi julie, I have been watching your house grow and it looks fantastic. I hope you with be very happiness living in it, what an achievement! You look fab in all your photos, I am so pleased for you. All is well with us. Lots of love Louise (St Brides!)

    • Hiya Louise
      Thank you, I feel great about everything and I hope all is really well for you, Paul and your family too. I’m heading back to London sometime next month.. Will let you know when I get a date as it would be wonderful if we could all meet up.

  3. kuatarina Mount

     /  26/06/2012

    Wow, Julie. it looks aMAZing. Congratulations. So different from when I saw it early March.
    Best wishes with your move, and glad it is an auspicious day. Yay! Love xxx

  4. Hazel Silvester

     /  26/06/2012

    Your new house looks fantastic. Well done Julie. Happiness always

    • Ahh, thank you Hazel – you know today there were 14 people working on the house to do the finishing touches and the same 14 people will be here tomorrow too, so it now just leaves me to buy some last minute things like bedding etc. I am SO looking forward to sleeping in my new home on Thurs night 🙂

    • Thank you Hazel – and guess what!!! – cousin Mike and Joyette are coming to stay here in September! They are the second bookings I’ve had so far, so it will be wonderful to welcome some ‘family’ to my Balinese home.

  5. Congratulations Julie. It’s an exciting time and your house looks beautiful. Enjoy your moving day and take lots of pictures.

    • Thank you Shane, yes I’m excited as can be… in fact my camera is SO excited that it has forgotten how to take pictures – hey ho! (does anyone have any idea what to do when a camera says ‘Write Protect’… and won’t let you take a picture?)

    • Thanks Shane – yes, it certainly is an exciting time – got tons of pictures – some of which will be on my blog soon.


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