Sleeping in a converted wooden rice barn

We recently stayed in this cute lumbung in Candidasa.

Staying in a rice field barn

Staying in a rice field barn

Now lumbungs were originally Balinese rice barns.  However some of the bigger ones have been converted into accommodation with a nice cozy bedroom upstairs and an lounge area beneath it.

A wooden staircase leads you up to the hand carved front door – hiding behind the bamboo windbreak.

Above you is the pretty alang alang roofing, which is like thatch, and set inside this roof, which comes all the way down to the floor of the room, are small side windows made of wood.

Unfortunately there was some noise opposite, as the beach was being reinforced against erosion, so we only stayed one night in the lumbung, but the next night we found another cool view of the ocean…

Practicing 'Smiles for everyone'

Practicing ‘Smiles for everyone’

Yaniq wrote new songs with my lyrics ‘Smiles – for everybody’ and ‘Leader of the led’.  We snorkelled in the ocean that was just a hop, skip and a jump away and ate good food, including freshly caught fish cooked over coconut husks, served with rice, veg and a spicy sambal – yum!

We went to Tenganan, an old traditional Balinese village (Bali aga) – but that deserves a post all on its own – so, til next time… I’ll race you to the sea…

Nice view from the breakfast table

Nice view from the breakfast table – and, yes, that is a glass of hot tea not beer!

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