A Happy House Warming For Rumah Jepun

I had a house warming party  on Saturday and was really pleased that so many people came (around 40!) – thank you all for sharing my celebration.

I was so busy welcoming people that I completely forgot to take photos – which would have shown the balcony full of folk!

My house has been warmed!

My house has been warmed!

Their had been a lot of work going on to prepare for the party… the steps were decorated with Frangipani flowers (called Jepun in Indonesia – hence the name of the house being Rumah Jepun).

And the path leading to the house was lined with candles nestling inside thin layers of the trunk of a banana tree – they give off a lovely warm glow.  Yaniq had bought 50 of them up from Denpasar especially for the party.

A big thanks to those who also brought me such wonderful and unexpected gifts including paintings that just happen to be a great match with the colour schemes in the downstairs guest rooms (neither Dito nor Sri and Jeff could possibly have known what colours were needed).

My paving stones have a word and a flower, or leaf, imprint

My paving stones have a word and a flower, or leaf, imprint

I got a selection of the most delicious cakes from Dave at Seniman coffee house, a lovely glass candle holder from Ellen and Kev, and Gabe gave me plants including a beautiful purple orchid that will grace the stone wall in my bathroom and she’ll bring more plants now she has seen how big the garden is.

Shane handed me a baby avocado tree that she had carefully grown from seed – she had recently read a story at our writers group about the history of this particular tree – so I know it is going to give me extra tasty avocados.

I even got a beautiful orange decorative envelope, complete with tassle, from Alexsandra – it had come all the way from India and, again, it compliments the colours in my upstairs room perfectly and Alison n Putu brought me some neat bamboo straws from Mingle and, of course, thanks to Steve for the beers and many other friends who kindly brought some Bintang along.

Before the party even began Yaniq told me there was something in his guitar case for me… there, sitting under the body of the guitar was a sheet of paper with a beautiful drawing of trees and big leaves with steps in the background leading to a doorway that was set inside a wall – I love it.

Yaniq's drawing

Yaniq’s drawing

Thanks to all – for your presents and presence also to Pasek and Nyoman, and Ketut and Komang for their help in hosting the party.

For those who couldn’t make the party, please do come over to see me at Rumah Jepun another time.

The 2 downstairs rooms (River View and Lotus View) are available… they are in the heart of Ubud, have wifi, aircon, breakfast, cleaning and tax included, along with use of a shared kitchen.   Contact rumahjepun@outlook.com  to book.

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