Hey, nice motorbike and sidecar

I simply had to take a picture of this ultra cool motorbike and sidecar.

The owner of this ‘art’, Made, was on his way to Kuta (south Bali) for an exhibition which had many more hand-painted motorbikes and sidecars.

Cool motorbike and sidecar

Cool motorbike and sidecar

As you can see, his shorts were colour co-ordinated with the bike and his crash helmet was also in the same crazy colour scheme – nice eh!

Apparently it’s a 1965 Italian bike (I didn’t catch the make but it began with the letter ‘B’) and he sells them, complete with designs, for a little over £5,000 – bargain eh!

If you want one, just let me know.

Here is an extract from the first poem I wrote in Bali, as you can see, this bit was inspired by a similar motorbike…

Never knew such rainfall
nor lightning strikes
or colours of the rainbow
on motorbikes

90 days are not enough
No, no, no, 100 days still not enough

The full poem can be found here and how it got turned into a reggae song by Fredi Marley and was played on the beautiful beach, complete with pics, can be found here.

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