My name on a CD cover… again!

The 6th track is Bali Holiday

The 6th track ‘Bali Holiday’ – features my lyrics

I had another great night listening to Freddi Marley playing reggae in my local bar ‘Napi Urti’ in Ubud.

During the break he handed me a copy of his new CD… it features his song ‘Bali Holiday’ and my name is printed next to the title on the inside cover – this is because I wrote the words to the song, cool eh!

This is actually the second time my name has appeared on an album cover… a hard rock band called Pig Iron, who I saw perform live in London many times, had included my name as I was such a big supporter of the band – and I was well happy with that.

But Freddi’s album takes the biscuit, as I’m credited because I wrote the lyrics of one of the songs.  For the story of how this came about click here…

Meanwhile, if you wanna buy the CD, which has great original reggae songs including Bali Holiday, let me know – or, even better, go and watch Freddi at Napi’s (usually on Mon or Weds).

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  1. Congratulations! I’m happy to have a famous friend!

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