A sophisticated journey

It was a sophisticated journey.  I flew from Jakarta to London via Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways.

A touch screen gave me access to no less than six views of the flight and it’s route – including live cameras showing images from under the plane – shame it was a night flight!  This was on top of a sizeable number of games, movies, tv programmes etc.

I watched the film Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I highly recommend, as well as a promotional film about Abu Dhabi.  So now that I’ve seen all it’s highlights I don’t feel inclined to go there – I will stick to Bali.

Although my seat was in the economy section there were plug sockets for laptops/mobiles and even a phone was available on the first leg of the journey.

The free wine with dinner went down well and, to top it off, just before starting the descent there was mood lighting that changed through a rainbow of colours.

For me, it was a little disconcerting to see so many women covered head to foot in black with only a small slit showing their eyes in Abu Dhabi – in the same way that I find it uncomfortable talking to someone with dark sunglasses on.

I feel that both situations only give a fraction of the picture or story – but hey, that’s none of my business and maybe they feel it is disconcerting to speak with people who show their face!

I will be in London for a 3 week holiday – catching up with family and friends which I’m looking forward to – then back to Bali and to Rumah Jepun ahh.

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  1. Etihad has mood lighting?! I have been sold on Korean Air for my trips. They are delightful. But mood lighting! Now that’s a must-have feature! I get it the wine was good. How about the food? I’m looking forward to having my ‘neighbor’ back, but enjoy your time while in London Julie.


     /  29/07/2012

    Enjoy the UK! – Send our love to to Uncle Harry and Aunt Connie – Mike and Joyette xxx

    • Hiya, I’m with Dad right now and he has read your message – thank you. Mum is just cooking dinner, so we will say hello to her soon.

  3. Etihad were just nominated best airline in the world on Skytrax. Enjoy your trip back to England for the games.

    • Hi Rita
      Yes, back in blighty now – shame it didn’t coincide with your trip.. hope it was a good one. I can see why Etihad was nominated, looking forward to flying back with them in a few weeks time. Meanwhile I’m enjoying the good weather that London has had since I arrived – lucky me! and its lovely seeing family and hopefully friends too soon.


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