Hello London

I’m back in London for 3 weeks.  (This is about family but for images of London click here).

When I arrived I was greeted on the station platform by my dear ole Dad who videoed me as I got off the train – I felt like a movie star.

In my parents garden

In my parents garden

After big hugs and smiles he helped me with my bags and I spent a wonderful time catching up with him and Mum at home.

The whole family came to visit and I’ve been able to see many friends while in London too.

It’s been over 2 ½ years since I was last here but everyone still looks the same…

I’ve changed though, as my hair is a lot lighter now and I had lost a little weight since I’ve been in Bali – and my thinking and outlook is certainly different nowadays!

Me between Mum and Hazel

Me between Mum and Hazel

So much family news, reminicences of years gone by, stories of the new and tales of the old all merging together to form a colourful landscape of conversation and laughter.

Linda and I at a countryside pub - with British flags on the window supporting the Olympics

Linda and I at a countryside pub – with British flags on the window supporting the Olympics

My sister, Linda, took me for a drink to a countryside pub and bought me the best glass of red wine I have had in years! (Balinese wine is drinkable but nothing like this – yum!)

My parents have been feeding me with home cooking which is lovely (although I do miss Balinese spices!).

I even had a bag of chips smothered in salt and vinegar – a taste I’ve loved since childhood – regardless of how many calories it contains!

The weather has ranged from hot to quite cold (spot me wearing a jean jacket!) but Olympic fever is definitely in the air – the London streets are lined with posters and people wearing clothes and hats supporting Team GB.

Mercedes cars are everywhere with the London 2012 games logos plastered all over them.

I’ll blog about the games soon, but right now I’m off to meet other friends – so many to catch up with before going home to Bali next week 🙂

Here is that blog about London 2012 Olympic Games and here is a blog showing some iconic images of London.

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