What is that black thing on the path?

I almost stepped on it.  Not intentionally, of course, but it was just laying there on the garden path – not moving.

I bent down to get a closer look.

Ahh, so it was moving, just a bit – more like shaking.

Yes, it’s small furry like body was shaking but I still couldn’t work out what it was.

Baby bat on a banana leaf

Baby bat on a banana leaf

And then it opened it’s little wings and I knew I was looking at a baby bat.

“What are you doing on the path in broad daylight” I asked it – knowing full well that it couldn’t reply.

It appears that the banana leaves had been cut off to be used for Balinese ceremonial purposes and, apparently, baby bats often grow up inside the leaves.

This bat was now a homeless bat.

Baby bat

Baby bat

He flew about 30 centimetres off the ground but this was all he could manage with such small baby bat wings.

He landed on a large stone, covered in plants that is by the pond, and Pasek covered him with another banana leaf to make him feel at home… although where his mother was we didn’t know.

He is actually rather cute, don’t you think?

I hope he makes it back into his bat world okay.

For pictures of a full grown local bat click here.. Hmm I wonder if they are related.

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  1. It’s just a big, cute looking, fruit bat | Julie in Bali

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