Memories and images of London – Part 1

The old Tudor building at Chancery Lane

Black and red taxis in front of the old Tudor building, Chancery Lane

London is a fabulous, vibrant city full of amazing architecture from old Tudor and Victorian style buildings through to ultra modern glass and metal sky scrapers like the Gerkin – so called because it is shaped like a gerkin!

Here’s a selection of pictures that my non-English blog readers might especially like.

I’ve tried to capture not just buildings, but a little about city life – old and new.

For instance in some of my pictures you will spot a taxi.

Taxis were originally called black cabs but as you will see, nowadays, they might come in red, silver or other colours.  If the ‘TAXI’ sign on top of the windscreen is lit up then it is available for you – just wave at the driver and he will stop and pick you up.

The famous 'Gerkin' building

The famous ‘Gerkin’ building

This photo of the office building called The Gerkin is taken from Aldgate and you can spot the old traditional style red bus on the street with a taxi behind it and tall cranes in the background which are in the process of building yet more new sky scrapers.

Just behind the bus is a old fashioned wooden structure.  It’s actually a replica of one of the original eight gates that guarded the entrances to the City of London in Medieval times… this one was called Aldgate.

Tower of London lit up at night

Tower Bridge lit up at night

Here are two pictures, new and old, of Tower Bridge which was opened in Victorian times, 1894.

The lower roadway section of the bridge, which spans the River Thames, is sometimes opened up so that tall ships can sail underneath.

Tower of London on the wall of a pub

Old Tower Bridge picture on the wall of a pub

In fact David Beckham drove a speed boat under the bridge which was carrying the Olympic torch to the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games last month.  There were fireworks galore.

Along the upper walkway of the bridge there is an exhibition and great views over London.

Big Ben - the tallest free standing clock tower

Big Ben – the tallest free standing clock tower

Big Ben is the biggest four faced clock on the planet – the minute hand is 14ft long (4.3 m) and the hour hand is 8ft long (3.2 m). It is part of the Houses of Parliament and is situated next to the River Thames.

The London Eye

The London Eye

Also on the Thames is the London Eye, a huge Ferris Wheel that gives fabulous views over London’s skyline and attracts huge numbers of visitors.  The buildings immediately next to it are 6 storeys high so that gives you some idea of the height of the wheel itself.

A bus - with arms!!!

A bus – with arms!!!

This might look like a traditional bus but it’s actually art.  Although why the Czech artist decided to lift it up on a pair of arms, I don’t know, but it is kind of interesting.

Glass and steel office building near Liverpool Street Station

Glass and steel office building near Liverpool Street Station

And below is a modern office block in Moorgate (another one of those medieval gates), not far from Liverpool Street Station – as it says on the sign post.

Underneath the white umbrellas people were enjoying a glass of wine or beer after a hard day at the office – I took this picture as I walked to the Barbican (also mentioned on the signpost) to meet friends, who I used to play badminton with, for a rather nice Italian dinner.

The Italian restaurant is directly opposite a pub called The Shakespeare and this reminds me that the first Shakespeare play I ever went to see (Measure for Measure) was held in the Barbican theatre just minutes away – life has a way of coming round in circles.

Here is a picture of St Paul’s Cathedral – and guess what…

St Paul's Cathedral at night

St Paul’s Cathedral at night

it’s at the top of Ludgate Hill – where another one of those ‘gates’ were located.

For more memories and images of London click here.

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  1. I feel as though I’ve just had a lovely history lesson. I want to Google those gates and learn more. Thanks for sharing your great photos!

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