Bali Meditates Festival

I’m going to read some of my poetry at the Bali Meditates Festival in Ubud this year (20-23 Sept 2012).

This international event will bring people together for meditation, yoga, music, dance and workshops under the theme of:

One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind

I can’t imagine any other island in the world with so many festivals… Bali is full of them.

Bali Meditates is just weeks before the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival which will be on 3-7 Oct 2012.

Earlier in the year there was the Bali Spirit festival which will be repeated on 20-24 Mar 2013.  There have been jazz festivals, kite festivals, art festivals, village festivals and probably many more festivals, island-wide, that I don’t even know about.

In fact, Bali is a perfect home for festivals.  Come and visit and you will see why – and you’ll ‘feel’ why, too.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with one of the poems that I intend to read at Bali Meditates on Friday evening, 21st Sept which is also the International Day of Peace…

Valley of Meditation

Every leaf
large and small
deserves your earnest attention

Valley floor... awash with rice

Valley floor
awash with rice
a deep green concentration

Misty clouds
of mixed hue
obscure the mountain’s dimension

Gentle breeze
sweeps valley wide
and trees nod in confirmation

Flame red flower - so bright

Flame red flower – so bright

A single colour
stands out
demanding your appreciation

Flame red flower
so bright
well beyond your expectation

A distant gong
completes the scene
as you drift through your imagination

Close your eyes
fall into deep meditation

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