Silent disco – inside a quarry with a giant statue

‘GWK’ is a cultural park inside an old limestone quarry in the south of Bali.

From the bottom of this huge open area the limestone cliffs tower impressively above you on all sides.

They hold various events here, including silent discos, and it was also the venue for Iron Maiden who played here a few years back and The Gorillaz earlier this year.

Cool venue for an open air disco

Cool venue for an open air disco

Hold on… ‘silent discos?’ I hear you ask.

Yes – you wear headphones, which you can tune into one of three DJs playing different music, and dance your socks off inside the quarry.

Depending which DJ you are listening to, your headphones will display a certain colour – not that you need to see that colour to understand if your friend is listening to the same DJ as you – because you can tell that by the rhythm of their dancing.

Your own party with zero external noise pollution!

I haven’t been to one of these silent discos – yet, but I’ve heard, and can well believe, that they are great fun.  I have no idea if this concept has reached London or other cities yet – perhaps you, my readers, will tell me?

Also inside GWK there is a gigantic statue of Vishnu and Garuda which, once they are joined together, will stand 150 meters tall with Garuda’s wings span being 64 meters across.

Vishnu standing tall... the arms haven't been put on yet

Vishnu standing tall… the arms haven’t been put on yet

What is ‘Vishnu and Garuda’? – I hear you ask.

Okay, so according to Balinese Hinduism (which is different from Indian Hinduism), Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are manifestations of the one god and they represent the creator, the maintainer and the destroyer respectively.

For those who might be a little confused by the concept of three names for the same God, then consider this:

There is a normal man and this man happens to have a child so he is a ‘father’ = a creator.  He is also a keen ‘gardener’ = so that’s like being a maintainer and yet his profession is ‘demolition expert’ = a destroyer – however at all times he is the same man, he just manifests in different guises depending on what is called for.  I believe it’s a similar concept.

So Vishnu is the maintainer and Garuda is the mythical bird that acts as his vehicle.

Garuda bird - Indonesia's national symbol and Vishnu's vehicle

Garuda bird – Indonesia’s national symbol and Vishnu’s vehicle

This park also has Segways that you can hire and drive around inside the quarry.

Me in Balinese Dance Costume!

Me in Balinese Dance Costume!

They also put on ‘a bit’ of a show, although in a rather bland setting unfortunately… the one I saw wasn’t a patch on the quality performances you get in Ubud (even the girl’s headdresses looked like they were made of cardboard).

So I highly recommend waiting until you come to Ubud before going to see one of the many performances that can entertain you nightly at different, authentic and atmospheric, venues around this culture filled town.

Although I think this dancer looks pretty authentic… don’t you – although she could do with a bit of a tan hahaha!

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