How did you celebrate International Peace Day?

21 Sept, was the International Day of Peace.

I believe that Peace in the World can ONLY start with peace inside yourself… inside every bodies ‘self’.

Think about it… is it possible to be upset or angry with others if: you have had a really great day; if something special has just happened; if you just received wonderful news; if you are full of happiness?

I believe there’s an urgent need to cultivate happiness in all people as the basic ingredient for World Peace.

Happiness comes in many shapes and forms, but I’m not talking about the short term happiness that we seem to get from material goods.

One thing that can give a much more natural and free kind of happiness is the gift of…….. a smile 🙂

“When people live in a concrete jungle they often drop their smile somewhere” my photographer friend, Wantong, in Kuala Lumpur said.  My response was “Please give it back to them in the form of a poem…”.

So here’s my poem called ‘Smiles – for everyone’ and I encourage anyone and everyone to copy it and send it to everyone else, whether they’ve dropped their smile already, or not!

Hmmm, I wonder how far around the world we could get with this idea –
Smiles for everyone, worldwide! – YEAH!

Smiles – for everyone

The window pane
looks on
without judgement

The mirror cares not
if you’ve just got
out of your bed

If you see
your reflection
in the surface of the water

As long as you are
you will not be misled

A smile is so simple
is so easy
and so free

Why not
give it away

The young
and old
everyone will all agree

Your smile
is always welcome

Getting interest
at the bank
costs you money

Returns you get
from smiles
are instant and free

The rewards
are even greater
because smiles are healthy too

I will give you
a present
here’s a smile from me to you 🙂

Feel free to share this with others – go on, give them a smile – it’s free

Smiles – for everyone.  Smiles – for peace.

Happy International Peace Day – make it everyday!

I read some poetry at Bali Meditates Festival  – poetry about meditation, love and peace.

by Julie Silvester / blog:

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  1. Beautiful, Julie…keep spreading the love.


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