Photographs of dancers

Just sitting on a motorbike waiting for the show to begin

Sitting on a motorbike waiting for the show to begin

Here are some pictures of Balinese dancers…

This one was taken on Independence Day, 17 August, and she was sitting, so lady like, on the motor bike for hours – patiently waiting for her turn to perform.


Below features many boys performing Baris Gede, complete with their spears, headdresses and colourful costumes.

It was taken at a ceremony just outside the temple gates in a nearby village called Kutuh.

Baris Gede performance for a ceremony

Baris Gede performance for a ceremony


The next shot shows a performer dressed as the Indonesian national symbol… the Garuda bird.

When performing in the Ramayana Ballet, this immortal King of the Birds flaps his wings vigorously while gracefully dancing around the other performers who he protects from the evil Ravanna in the storyline.

In Balinese Hinduism the Garuda bird is the vehicle of the God, Vishnu (the maintainer/preserver).

Garuda Bird

Garuda Bird

The next picture shows a Topeng dance (special Balinese masked performance).

The people performing with full Topeng masks do not speak and therefore have to convey their message through use of body language alone.

This explains why their body, hand and leg movements are so expressive.

Men have to reach a certain age (40+) before they are considered to have the maturity to perform these particular characters.

Once again this was held just outside the temple, which is why there are cars in the background.


Topeng performer

Topeng performer


And below is another sophisticated young woman masquerading as a little girl.

At this ceremony, inside the ancient temple at Semuan Tiga, pretty much everyone wore white with yellow – including me.

Like gold dust  - in a sea of white and yellow...

Like gold dust – in a sea of white and yellow…



For more pictures of performers click here.

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  1. Your photos are spectacular. The layers of color and the sheer artistic expression of these costumes is gorgeous beyond words.


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