Something fishy going on in Bali?

A fish, from Lake Batur, smothered in spicy sambal matah = finely sliced onion, chilli, lemon grass, grilled shrimp paste, lemo (a small lime), salt and oil – delicious.

Fish on a dish

Fish on a dish

The dish at the back is a vegetable called ‘ares’.  It’s the thinly sliced trunk of a certain type of banana tree in a tasty soup (apparently there are many, many types of banana trees but only one is used to make ares).

Fish farm in Lake Batur

Fish farm in Lake Batur

Here’s the farm where this fish spent… the good ole days.

This is up in Lake Batur in the shadow of the volcano Mount Batur in Kintamani.

For more fabulously stunning views of this area click here.

Koy Carp in my pond

Koi Carp in my pond

And, below, fish of a different kind are released into my pond.

These Koi Carp are quite fragile – some of them haven’t made it.

Then there’s the fascinating array of colourful fish that you snorkel with.

In Bahasa Indonesia many words are turned the other way round, often with interesting results… for instance a catfish becomes a fish cat – which conjures up a whole different image!

So, whether you want to feed fish, eat fish, swim with fish or just go fishing – Bali is the ideal place for all things fishy..

Fish to snorkel with

Fish to snorkel with

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  1. Haha!! That’s so funny Julie! I have a short story called ‘Something Fishy’ on my blog! We always do this!!! Xx


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