A 1,400 mile journey in a sardine can with an engine

When my friend Hazel in England told me that her cousin, Vicky, was coordinating a group of people called The Adventurists – I was intrigued.

It turned out that 26 teams of these adventure seekers were about to undertake a fourteen hundred mile trip starting in Bali, travelling all through the neighbouring island of Java and up to Medan, in Sumatra, in a two week time frame in a… wait for it… rickshaw!

Rickerty Rickshaw

Rickerty Rickshaw

Now what she referred to as a rickshaw I would call a tuk tuk (similar to a bemo), but the name doesn’t so much matter, it was the enormity of the task ahead that I was awed by.

Using mostly single laned, often pot hole ridden, roads through mountainous landscapes dotted with volcanoes, edged by jungles and occasionally spotted with cities, these intrepid Adventurists were tackling a task I wouldn’t dream of – and I live in this region.

Well done to all the teams who reached the finish line in time for the party (even if it was on the back of a lorry which carried the beaten up old tuk tuk to it’s final destination).

I’m sure the cold beers at the end of this gruelling ordeal were very welcome.

Whizzing on a rickshaw
or is it in a tuk tuk
either way, whizzing
is not quite
the right word

Starting off in Bali
heading to Medan
the Adventurists are crazy
– well that is
what I’ve heard

Taking in the scenery
sleeping in the rough
for fourteen hundred miles
now that’s really
quite absurd

They’ll be pretty potty
after weeks of
pothole training
but will their stomachs handle
spices, rice and hot bean curd?

Vicky stayed at Rumah Jepun while co-ordinating the Adventurist's run

Vicky stayed at Rumah Jepun while co-ordinating the Adventurist’s run and I got exhausted just writing the poem!

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  1. Crazy is right! I think I’ll stick to my brand of Bali adventure. It comes with tea and flowers on my balcony!


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