Colour co-ordinated cake and book

We had our first successful book launch at Bar Luna a week ago, mere days after ‘Life’s Journeys’ was delivered from the printers.

Tonight at 6pm we have another launch at Bayu’s Kitchen – but between the two launches the writers of the new book got together for a meeting and I couldn’t resist buying a big rainbow cake to share, to say congratulations to all of us.

Colour co-ordinated cake

Colour co-ordinated cake

The reason I bought this particular cake was that it just happened to be colour co-ordinated with our book cover – take a look… (how could I resist).

Life's Journeys

Life’s Journeys

Taking that theme one step further the writers all wore colour co-ordinated clothing for our first launch too.

Subliminal messages to the audience, maybe… either we are trying to encourage them to buy the book – or maybe to buy the cake!

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Sweet flavours on your palate – tasty nourishment for your mind – which would you choose? (I encourage you to go for both – have your cake and read it too!).  Contact me for either.

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  1. Hey Julie, I just stumbled across your blog (I think via villa kitty’s facebook) and I’m enjoying your posts 🙂 where did you get the rainbow cake? I wanted one for my son’s birthday but they only sold slices in coco supermarket which was the only place I’ve seen it in Ubud.

    • Hi Rachel
      Thanks for the comments about the blog… Yes, I also bought the large rainbow cake at Coco – I suspect you could order one from them. – Have we met around town before?

      • Oh the staff at coco told me I couldn’t order a whole cake – liars!! I don’t think we’ve met before, but I think you know my friend stephanie? I don’t make it into ubud centre much these days sadly, too busy looking after 2 kids :p

        • Well it is possible that they have just stopped doing whole cakes – maybe they didn’t sell enough to make it worthwhle. Try talking to a manager there as I expect they would go out of their way to help you if they can.
          I know two Stephanie’s so it is quite likely that one of them is your friend.

  2. You are such a creative, inspired, beautiful woman!
    I love your writings, your ideas and of course YOU!!!

  3. kuatarina Mount

     /  04/11/2012

    Beautifully colour co-ordinated. haha

  4. Beautiful cake, I’m sure the subliminal message worked well 🙂 Also, quite an inspiring blog you have here. I’ve never been to Bali, but it sounds like such an amazing place that it’s just been added to my mental to-go list!

    • Good afternoon my lovely bites
      Glad to hear that you are thinking of coming to Bali…. do come and at least visit, or stay, if you come to Ubud (the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali).
      I highly recommend turning your mental daydreaming into a reality!
      See you soon


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