The launch for ‘Life’s Journeys’ went well

Steve Castley, who had instigated our new book in the first place, hosted a very successful launch of ‘Life’s Journeys’ last night at Bayu’s Kitchen.

Most of the Ubud Writers’ Group were at the event and seven of us read extracts from the book to an attentive audience.

Me at the book launch last night

Me at the book launch last night

‘Life’s Journeys’ is a collaboration of 10 authors and one photographer.

The book, as well as large framed photographs of the photos used inside the book, were available for sale during the evening – as were our previous books.

Jen Richardson kindly took the role of MC and she did a great job of introducing and interviewing us all.

Books were signed and our guests listened to the speakers while drinking complimentary drinks and nibbling on snacks.

A good night was had by all and a big thank you goes out to all of those who bought the book.

Life’s Journeys is available in a number of local shops or directly from me, contact:

Here is a snippet from one of my poems featured in ‘Life’s Journeys’.  The poem is called ‘Where’ and it’s about what I’ve found out in this part of my life’s journey in Bali:

Life's Journeys

Life’s Journeys


…Where houses align in such a way
to keep bad spirits out
and peaceful chanting and laughter leaves
scant room, or need to shout

Where transport is always offered to
the people on the street
and offerings to the gods
do somehow help the ends to meet

Where fire flies illuminate
the dark eternal way
and magical mysteries manifest
each and every day

Where picturesque land is surrounded by
hot ocean on all sides
and tourists love each route suggested
by their smiling guides…

– buy the book to read more!

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  1. It was such a fun evening! I’m enjoying the stories and poems immensely.


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