Rugged coconut men

Our new coconut friend

Our new coconut friend

So Yaniq popped out to clean his motorbike and when he came back an hour later he brought a new friend along…

I liked him immediately.  He’s a bit rough and rugged and, at first, I thought he might have a multiple personality – but he has just got a lot of character.

Okay, okay, so they are not men, but monkeys – but the title ‘Rugged coconut monkeys’ has less of an appeal, don’t you think?

Anyway, we named him Sabtu (meaning Saturday in Bahasa Indonesia) and he seems to like it here.  So he stayed and is settling in nicely in his new home – rent free I might add!

At first we hung him from a hook on the ceiling light on the balcony, where he had a nice view over our garden, and Yaniq kept him topped up with cigarettes…

Just hanging around having a fag

New job by the fish pond

New job by the fish pond

But after a while we put him to work.  He now lives directly overlooking our fish pond and has an important role in keeping the pond clean and the fish healthy.

It’s a good job and he gets a constant supply of filtered water which he happily shares with the fish.  And he has stopped smoking!

But we thought he might feel a bit lonely being so far away from his own coconut kind.  So we got him a buddy.

We interviewed the new coconut guy while at a nice little cafe overlooking some rice fields.

Coconuts - before and after being carved!

Coconuts – before and after being carved!

He looks almost identical to Sabtu, except for his eyes.  His name is Minggu (which means Sunday – which happened to be the day we met him).

I hesitated before ordering a coconut, but Minggu was pleased because it might mean that another of his kind could be crafted from the remaining husk.

We left the two of them, Saturday and Sunday, alone in the garden to have a chat and get to know each other.

Just what do coconuts chat about?

It appears that not only are they from the same nearby village but they are also distant cousins.

Hungry for papaya perhaps?

Hungry for papaya perhaps?

We gave Minggu the job of security guard and the best position for that is up high.

So if you come and visit don’t be surprised to find Minggu looking at you from the top of the papaya tree.

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  1. I’m so glad you got the lonely little dude some company!


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