Two cute kittens



Say hello to Jojo and JJ – our lovely little kittens.

We picked them up only a few weeks ago from Villa Kitty just outside of Ubud.

It’s run by Elizabeth from Australia who saw the need to look after cats in the same way that there are a number of places that look after dogs here – and very well run it is too.

We bought a pink basket (no, I did not intentionally want pink – but there was little choice at the pet shop!) to carry them back in and for them to sleep in at nights.

JJ sleeping on printer tray

But of course they never go in the basket as they usually choose to sleep in the most unlikely places… such as half on, and half off, my printer tray!

Uncomfortable I would’ve thought – ahh, maybe they don’t like pink either!

Luckily they were already house trained by Villa Kitty, so we just had the job of keeping them inside for awhile before letting them venture onto the balcony.

Jojo and jj sleeping on the desk

At first JJ, the female kitten, was very shy and barely came out of a hiding place that she found at the back of my desk.

But she did come out of her shell, and the desk, after a couple of days and she’s been excited by everything ever since.

The pair of them have been out in the garden just once so far, and on that occasion Jojo, the male, must have sniffed every single blade of grass out there!

I always thought that you gave a cat milk all though its life – but apparently not.  So at the age of 3 months we only have to give them water….  and food as well of course!  As well as cuddles and lots of play time too.

My claws are long than yours!

Their antics are very entertaining and Elizabeth was right about the advantages of taking two kittens together, they keep each other amused as well as us.

They have mock fights.  Leaping on each other, biting limbs and necks.  At first I intervened thinking they might get hurt, but they then turned their attention on me… they pounced on my hands and bit me – but oh so gently, so I knew they were just playing.

For some reason JJ likes to lick my fingers and Jojo likes to jump over things – including my feet while I’m walking and over JJ’s back as she is running around.  Not bad considering that when they were originally brought into Villa Kitty they didn’t think either of them would make it – there was talk of putting them to sleep!

Two adorable kittens

Yaniq bought a special scratchy box for them to sharpen their claws on.  You rub some catnip (which all cats are supposed to like) onto the box and, hey presto, they should use it, instead of using your curtains, as a scratching post.

Of course it doesn’t work quite as neatly as that.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Jojo has no sense of smell which would explain why he doesn’t relate to the catnip!

Elizabeth is giving a presentation about Cats and Villa Kitty at Bar Luna, Ubud this Tuesday evening (4 Dec 12) – come along if you are around.  I will also be reading one of my poems called ‘Kitten’.

Meanwhile, as I’m writing this they have just finished a long battle of ‘who can jump the highest’.

I gave the award to JJ, but then she does have the advantage of a particularly long body.  So much so that we sometimes call her sphinx! (or spink in Bahasa Indonesia).

Yaniq and JJ

They are tired now… Jojo is curled up right next to me in sleep mode whereas JJ is cleaning herself, doubtless getting ready for bed on the printer tray.

Goodnight kittens.


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  1. sandehvallesi

     /  01/12/2012

    Wow, or better meow !!! that’s really a good thing to do at your place. They will keep the whole garden mice-free, when they are older.
    I also miss a cat, but it is too complicated in my place…so I will come and cuddle yours one day.
    Big hug,

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