Moustache men of Movember

Ubud celebrated Movember… otherwise known as the month of November when men grow moustaches only to shave them off again for charity, to support men’s health.

So while Vietnam were playing football against Myanmar on the big screen above our heads, this was happening underneath it…

Only half more to do before I can finish my beer

Only half more to do then I can finish my beer

I said that men grow moustaches, but that’s only half the story as many women sport drawn-on moustaches too, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The venue was Melting Pot and it seemed to be the teachers from the Green School who instigated this Movember event.

They wisely combined moustache shaving with pool, table tennis, darts and foosball tournaments.  It was the latter that particularly attracted me… I’ve always been a fan of table football, known as foosball by Australians.

Hmmm a white moustache

Hmmm a white moustache

My first game was against the eventual winner of the competition, Steve.  We played the best out of 3 games and I was happy as at least I won the first game.

It was at this point that many moustachioed women arrived.

Then there were some doubles games of foozball and after that I played table tennis, surrounded by men with freshly shaved upper lips.

The Melting Pot has flags from every country lining its walls.

Many people from well known to obscure countries have signed their flags as a ‘I woz ere’ statement – and yes, I signed the English flag soon after Melting Pot opened in its current location in Pengoseken.

I wonder if the Movember mob had to sign anything as if to say, ‘I woz ere to shave my moustache’?

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  1. That has to be the strangest ceremony yet!


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