Edward Scissorhands was in the bar – really!

Imagine the scene… you go out to your local bar and, before you even have chance to order a drink, you see Edward Scissorhands walking around and he’s snapping at people’s hair with his longgggg fingers

You blink your eyes a number of times, but instead of him going away, Poison Ivy appears – fresh out of a Batman movie

Poison Ivy from Batman

Poison Ivy from Batman

You call the waiter who turns out to be that well known pirate, Capt Jack Sparrow, straight from the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Then the Queen of the South Sea (Nyi Roro Kidul) swans in with her elegance and grace

She’s closely followed by Queen Phoenix from the Curse of the Golden Flower

03-Queen Phoenix -Curse Of The Golden Flower(1)

And then Queen Amadella from Starwars

05-Queen Amadella-Starwars

So many queens, and then there is Cruella De Ville, with one of her 101 Dalmations

04-Cruella De Ville - Dalmation

By this time you really do need a drink, and not just tea, and at that moment the Mad Hatter joins the party and makes someone’s wine disappear

Your just thinking What trickery is this and then, as if he materialised from a magic lamp, Aladdin appears out of the blue


It feels like you’re on another planet and then Avatar shows up – and you are transported into the blue


But in reality this was a Theatrical Fashion Show called ‘Sarong in The Screen Below The Wind’.

It was held at that great outdoor Tapas bar at CP Lounge, Ubud on 18 Nov 2012.

The company who put all this talent, make-up and sarongs together are called Astradeco

They even gave prizes if the audience could guess which model played out which actors’ role – not as easy as you might think, as the make-up artists had done such a great job of changing their looks from their original mug shots.

I’m sure everyone having a drink at CP that night would like to thank Astradeco for the extraordinarily entertaining fashion show… AND apparently there will be another show, with a different style, again in Ubud on 11 Jan 2013, so watch this space for details!

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  1. Oh darn! I would love to have seen that!!! Amazing! I have 1/11 on my calendar for sure! Wow!

  2. wow, this is incredible! I missed it of course as I didn’t know it was going on. What a pity 😦

  1. Fashion – made from rubbish | Julie in Bali

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