Live painting event

Celia invited us to her live painting event supported by a live band.

So we turned up at Gaya Gallery and settled in with a couple of beers to watch her, and an Indonesian artist, paint on canvases while sitting on the floor on either side of the band.

Celia - armed with a paint brush

Celia – armed with a paint brush

We didn’t have a clue what she was likely to paint and, when I asked her, neither did Celia.

She said she would get inspired by the music and, of course, she did.

Celia's first brush strokes

Celia’s first brush strokes

Hey, is that Alexa walking in with Dave close behind wearing a cool skull T Shirt.

We wondered what would materialise from that plainish orangey/yellow background.

Superhero musician

Superhero musician

We didn’t expect a ‘Superhero bass player’, as Yaniq described it… well he does look like he has wings.

Final touches

Final touches

Nice painting Celia.  And your painter friend (sorry I didn’t catch his name) also kept with the musical theme…

Jakob on canvass

Jakob the guitarist caught on canvas

It was a great fun night – inspiring music, inspiring art.

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