A cat with two heads?

When Gede said to me ‘Look, two kittens in the basket’, I thought he was joking because I could plainly see Jojo and JJ lazing on top of cushions on the balcony.  I just laughed at his little joke.

Jojo and JJ sleeping on a cushion

Jojo and JJ sleeping on a cushion

But he insisted, ‘Look, two new kittens’.

I bent down to peer inside and he was right.  There were two tiny kittens huddled up close together at the very back.  They were so entwined they looked like one cat with two heads.

A cat with two heads

A cat with two heads

Where were they from?  How did they get there?

‘Milk – quick’, I said quickly, realising that questions could wait.

While milk was on the way I learned that a guest in a neighbouring hotel had complained of noises in the roof .  Investigating staff found the little ones running around motherless.  Pasek had brought them to me, but I wasn’t there when he came which is why they were in the basket.

‘I can’t have four kittens!’ I purred, especially as the two new additions were too young to even drink milk from a saucer.

It was 7.30 pm when I called the ’emergency cat services’ with my fingers crossed, hoping they could help… they could!

After taking photos of the cuties I was on the back of Gede’s motorbike holding a pink basket containing a cat with two heads.

The two cuties

The two cuties

We drove out of Ubud into the dark countryside and headed to the cat shelter, Villa Kitty, in the next village (how come cats get to stay in a villa and I just get to live in a house! – thanks for that one Elizabeth).

The vet and his assistant were waiting for us at the door.  They skillfully assessed the situation – weighed the furry parcels, took temperatures and documented everything.

The kittens were approx five or six weeks old and in good condition apart from one which had a slightly puffy eye, nothing serious though – phew!

They are in the right place to get looked after, but soon they will need foster parents   — can you help?  Go on… you know you’ve always wanted a couple of kittens and they really are very entertaining, just look at my two…

Yaniq teaching JJ how to stand up!

Yaniq teaching JJ how to stand up while Jojo looks on!

Villa Kitty can be found on facebook click here and if you can’t take any kittens to look after then maybe you can give them a little donation instead (or preferably a big donation – given how many mouths they have to feed etc), and go and visit Villa Kitty to give the kittens some love and attention as well – ahh nice!  Meow…

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  1. shanemac

     /  19/12/2012

    There are too many kittens in Bali! Hopefully Villa Kitty has a strong program of desexing the females. My daughter took two kittens to Villa Kitty this week but they said the kittens were too young and that they couldn’t take them. We already had 4 dogs and 2 cats before the 2 new ones came and we sure don’t need any more pets. We also need kitten homes.


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