Farewell Mayan Calendar…

So the Mayan Long Count calendar finally ends tomorrow…

Many seers and prophets have pointed to this date as being one that will bring significant change to our planet.

But what is really in store for us all?  – Who knows?

Some refer to it as a shift to a new dimension, a new ‘age’, others think it will spell disaster.

I choose to believe that this special alignment of the earth and sun (that last happened 26,000 years ago), will bring harmony, openness, new ways of thinking and peace.

Here in Bali there will be meditation groups joining the mass meditation groups around the planet with precisely those aims in mind.

The science of quantum physics is finally accepting what the ancients have known all along… that the power of intention itself can manifest things.

Well, if people all over the planet are meditating in this way, surely we will have a chance at raising the overall vibration of goodness in our world.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends at 11.11am GMT tomorrow, 21st December 2012 (21-12-12 – in English, 12-21-12 in American).

I invited you to join us and take a dip in the global bucket of love and compassion.

Meanwhile, here’s a poem I wrote, it is called 2012.


Never have the directions
been more important

Seldom have the seasons
mattered least

Rarely has the place
between night and day been thinner

Making it possible for the sun
to set in the east

Forest animals can already
sense the changes

Caged birds will only know
just before they’re hit

Most humans, with all their superiority
simply haven’t got a clue

Except those who walk
on their bare feet – like you?

The date was known about
so long ago

The signs have always been there
for those who could really see

The sage, high priest and the prophet
a wry smile upon their lips

Foretell the changes to a world
who won’t believe

Nothing matters as its not
within our grasp

Expand or contract, we have no choice
we have no say

Right or left has always depended
on your point of orientation

Up and down might be
the same place anyway

They say if you don’t go within
you go without

So maybe inside holds the answer
is the key

Opening an unpainted door
to a new and different realm

A happy space, a peaceful balance
of harmony

Farewell Mayan Calendar – welcome to the new…

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