Safely through to the other side

Welcome to the flipside of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.  The 26,000 year cycle has come and gone.

I made it through okay and I guess you did too, with no major global upheavals or substantial changes to everyday life

All is, pretty much, as it was before…. but is it?

I suspect that many people are now more finely tuned – emotionally.

Going to a perceived edge and then returning unharmed gives off a soft and fluffy feelgood factor.

So maybe, just maybe, we are a little more appreciative than we were yesterday and, maybe, we have a little more compassion too.

I’ve made a small change to my life already…. I let my cats sleep on the bed (one small step for man, one giant leap for cat kind!).

Let me know what small change you might make in your life in this, so called, ‘new age’.

And, by the way, welcome to the new beginning.

Here is a poem that kinda fits the moment…

Brand new

Today is the dawn
of a brand new month

signaling the start
of a brand new me

more slender in body
fatter in thoughts

shorter in mistakes
taller in wisdom

deeper in passion
lighter in laughter

the brand new me
creates a
brand new home
–          on the inside

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  1. Kuatarina

     /  27/12/2012

    Lovely Julie


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