A New Year – a new sign

Firstly – a Happy New Year to you 🙂

But the point of this particular blog posting is my new artistic sign for my house ‘Rumah Jepun’ which was handmade by Nyoman (he is the father of Gede who works here).

Its light wood lettering sits perfectly on the dark wood based.

Rumah Jepun sign

Rumah Jepun sign

The two flowers on the sign are Jepun, reflecting the name of the house.

I have many Jepun trees growing in the garden – you can see some of them in the above picture (why not see them for real by staying here for your holidays)

Also these pretty flowers line the edge of my roof…

Looking up at the row of Jepuns lining my roof

Looking up at the row of Jepun lining my roof

You may know Jepun by their more common name of Frangipani.

The new sign was put up in time for New Year – a fitting start to the year (well our kitten seemed to think so!)

Anyway, I hope you suceed in your New Year’s resolutions – I’m sticking to the resolution that I made last year…. i.e. not to make any resolutions!

Happy New Year.

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