Thinking of your summer holiday yet?

The depths of winter make a great time to think about where you might go for some sunshine and warmth in the new year.

Why not come and visit us here in Bali?  A place like no other.

Rumah Jepun - tranquility by the riverside

We have two lovely double, en-suite rooms in Ubud – the middle of the cultural heart of Bali, Indonesia.

Rumah Jepun from the garden
Rumah Jepun from the garden at Christmastime

Boutique style accommodation at affordable rates… and, if you book directly, it is even cheaper than booking through Airbnb.

River View Room

These very centrally located rooms (River View and Lotus View) have air conditioning, wifi, western style bathrooms, use of a shared kitchen and include breakfast and cleaning.

The spacious rooms are modern yet have many traditional Balinese touches, including beautiful hand carved Bali style doors and interesting, locally bought, furnishings.

Peppermint bathroom

Peppermint bathroom

It’s like being in a boutique hotel, but within a private guest house – with prices that you will be pleasantly surprised by.

Leaf imprinted pathway

Set 2 minutes walk back from the busy Monkey Forest Road, you go down some steps and along a leaf imprinted pathway to the house and it’s delightful garden.

Papaya, mango, avocado and banana trees nestle among an array of tropical flowers.

Lotus flower outside Lotus View Room

There are lotus flowers in the pond, delicate orchids hanging from stone walls, colourful bougainvillea, richly red hibiscus and many jepun (where the name ‘Rumah Jepun’ comes from – it means: frangipani tree, whereas Rumah means house).

Nature can be heard in the sound of the river and in the song of the birds.  Butterflies and dragonflies are also daily visitors.

View from the balcony

View from the balcony

Imagine spending your holiday mornings eating breakfast on the terrace overlooking our delightful tropical garden.

Let us know, asap, what dates you can come so we can reserve you a room for your peaceful and relaxing holiday experience!

Friendly and helpful Balinese staff are looking forward to welcoming you to Rumah Jepun – the home of a poet.

For information about reasonable rates and availability of this boutique accommodation, please contact us on:  (Ketut Astana)

Some more pictures (and a poem) are below:


Through the Balinese doorway...

Never knew a passion
could taste this sweet
that a whole island
could get inside your heartbeat

Never knew a people you could love
one and all
strangers who’d pick you up
if you fall, by smiling

30 days are not enough
No, no, no, 60 days – nowhere near enough

Never knew that rice fields
could be so impossibly green
against a magic back-drop
sight unseen

Maybe you can pick the next ripe papaya

Never knew such rainfall
nor lightning strikes
or colours of the rainbow
on motorbikes

90 days are not enough
No, no, no, 100 days still not enough

Never been bathed in an energy
so strong
realised the difference between black and white
right and wrong

Never thought I’d stay here
my whole life through
Bali you have given to me
now what can I do for you?

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  1. Great photos! Love Gede’s t-shirt!


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