My favourite greenery / scenery

Here is one of the biggest leaves from the plants in my garden – the banana leaves are actually much longer, but then they are trees whereas this is a plant.

You can eat the fruit of this giant plant in my garden

You can eat the fruit of this giant plant in my garden

Quetela grow in the soil at the base of this plant – which you can eat (you can also buy Quetela crisps in the shops – not cheese and onion or salt and vinegar flavour… but, well… Quetela flavour!)

This picture shows the view from the top of the steps, leading to my house, right down to the lower part of the garden where we have a bale (like a gazebo with a thatched roof).

View from top of my garden

View from top of my garden

The bale is a lovely relaxing place to sit and eat breakfast or drink afternoon tea.

On one side of the bale are banana trees, with their excessively long leaves.

Banana leaves are often used for cooking food in (smoked duck in banana leaf is my favourite), or as a plate to eat food off of and, of course, they are used for offerings to the Gods too.

Long banana leaves

Long banana leaves

The view, beyond the garden on the other side of the bale, is an exciting mass of jungle full of different greens… (spot the bamboo on the left)

Jungle backdrop

Jungle backdrop

I love driving around as there are such wonderful scenic routes full of greenery too…


Travel up towards the volcano and see fabulous rice terraces on the way…

Stunning rice terraces

Or maybe we would stop by at Goa Gajah (the Elephant Cave) and wander around its jungle clad pathways…



Need somewhere to stop and relax awhile, maybe drink a coconut with a rather nice and peaceful view…

Get to the top of the volcano and stay in a rustic lodge which nestles in the mountainside overlooking a temple and…


have this stunning view of a volcano from your balcony…


I’m actually an agent for this characterful property which can sleep up to 6 (ideally family or a group of friends), or you can also book it for just the two of you – a romantic setting with a tranquil lakeside and volcano view.  Contact me on for availability and rates and click here for more pics.

Then maybe I will go back to my garden and pick a papaya fresh off the tree.

Maybe you can pick the next ripe papaya

Don’t you just love greenery!

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  1. How incredible beautiful photos!

  2. I do love greenery…especially ‘impossibly green’ ery! Your lyrics to Bali Holiday top my list of favorites…”Never knew a rice field…could be so impossibly green…”


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