Raising money – for the deaf and blind

A great local reggae band, Griya Faria, celebrated their 17th anniversary by giving a fabulous concert in aid of a charity for the blind and deaf.

Yaniq, Fredi Marley and I arrived early… but not as early as Dedoeng (on the right of this picture) and the rest of the band who must have been there all day setting things up.

The first to arrive

The first to arrive

They had been busy with preparations great and small – from arranging banners, tickets and wrist bands, all in reggae colours (red, yellow and green) to setting up a stage in the grounds of one of my favourite restaurants, Janggar Ulam, which overlooks an expanse of rice fields, through to inviting local bands and musicians to jam, which ensured a truly great night of entertainment.

Back stage area for the musicians

Back stage area for the musicians

The deaf and the blind both gave a performance – these beautiful Balinese girls were the first on stage as the sun was setting and they danced for us – without being able to ‘hear’ the music.

Balinese dancers - unable to hear the music

Balinese dancers – unable to hear the music

Their teacher stood on the grass in front of the stage and gave hand signals so that the girls knew when to turn right or left etc.  They danced remarkably well.

Sunset backdrop to a great night

Sunset backdrop to a great night

Of course, Griya Faria performed for us and we also heard from Bintang and Joni Agung and Double T.  We were even treated to a musical performance by blind Balinese guys, Dria Raba – who played so well.

Yaniq went up and jammed a couple of times with the other musicians including Fredi Marley and Kum (Griya Faria’s previous singer).

We're jamming, jamming, jamming, jamming...

We’re jamming, jamming, jamming, jamming…

The MCs were mainly speaking in Indonesian, so even I got asked to go on stage and explain a few things in English as there was a mixture of people in the audience.

It was wonderful to dance the night away on the grass, next to rice fields, under a sky – who’s moon was pretty full, while listening to great reggae music – and know that you are contributing to a charity for these deaf and blind people.

Rice fields at dusk

Rice fields at dusk

Well done Griya Faria, and everyone involved, for making this happen.

Roots, rock, REGGAE!

Roots, rock, REGGAE!

Cal, from Canada, was the only westerner who got up on stage to jam – on djembe, and there was even a guest appearance from Kum, the previous singer of Griya Faria….

Jam session

Jam session

A great night was had by all.

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  1. kuatarina Mount

     /  29/01/2013

    Sounds fabulous, Julie. I can only imagine, but my imagination’s pretty good. Love to you x

  2. i like fredimarley

    • Me too… if you type Marley in the search bar of my blog you will find a few posts about him.


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