Poetry and songs at sunset

We put lots of chairs in the garden and hoped it would stay dry for our musical poetry evening, which it did – even though this is still the rainy season!

Friends started arriving before sunset

Friends arriving before sunset

Friends started to arrive just before sunset and they looked up as I took this bird’s eye view picture from my balcony.

I read poetry in front of lots of home made candle holders, made from different lengths of bamboo, topped by thin slices from the trunk of banana trees – which give a soft glow from the candles within.

Me reading poetry by candlelight

Me reading barefoot poetry by candlelight

The candles were dotted around everywhere giving a fairytale look to the giant leaves in the garden after sunset.

Alison - surrounded by leaves

Alison – surrounded by big leaves (…or Alice in Wonderland!?!)

We had nibbles and drinks available for our guests who came from 10 different countries: Venuezula, Sweden, South Africa, Slovakia, Germany, England, Canada, Australia, America not to mention Indonesia.

The theme was Chinese New Year because, well, 10 Feb happened to be Chinese New Year (not that we had any Chinese guests).

To fit the occasion, I read poems such as, ‘New Years Day Clouds’, ‘Stone Buddha’, ‘Brand New’ and ‘Meditating’ etc…

Dewi, our neighbours daughter, came to join us

Dewi, our neighbours daughter, came to join us

And, of course, Yaniq sang and played his own songs on guitar for us.

Yaniq played for us under the stars

Yaniq played guitar under the stars while Lia, Ulrika and Sherry looked on

Here is a snippet from a song/poem called ‘Meditating’ – Yaniq plays and sings and I read the poem over it…

I am awake
and yet I’m sleeping
living daydreams
in the deep of the night

Come the morning
find me weeping
joyous tears
burying wrong under right

I am not hungry
and yet I’m eating
rice on the table
water in the glass

By the evening
no words uttered
slowly I fast….

Maxine - in the groove

Maxine – in the groove

As expected Maxine had a dance on the grass when Yaniq played a few fast songs – I joined in, of course.

Sherry and Kathy

Kathy and Sherry

And here are more pictures from the lovely evening – thanks to everyone who came along to our sunset poetry and song evening to celebrate Chinese New Year – the Year of The Snake (luckily we didn’t find any snakes in the undergrowth!).

Steve from England and Jan from Slovakia

Jan from Slovakia and Steve from England

Deborah - thanks for the pics

Deborah – thanks for the pics

Yaniq singing for us

Yaniq singing for us

Alison, Claudia and Kathy listening to musical poetry

Alison, Claudia and Kathy listening to musical poetry

Meiri, Rebecca and Dewa on the bale

Meiri, Rebecca and Dewa on the bale

Meiri also read a poem for us about love (well Valentines Day was fast approaching)

Meiri read a love poem

Meiri read a love poem

And then we finished off with a few fireworks at the end of the evening – nice!

I might do this again one day – let me know if you want to be invited.

Last minute extra garden lamp - thanks to Pasek

Meanwhile, thanks to Pasek who, earlier in the day, was fixing yet another new light in the garden, not to mention putting a few new fixtures in the downstairs bathroom, thanks Pasek.  In fact all the guys, Pasek, Gede, Ketut and, of course, Yaniq all helped to make it a great evening.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely time was had by all, would love to be invited to your next one, should be back late March, take care, always love reading your blogs!


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