As cute as a kitten

Jojo and JJ are 6 months old now and we’ve had them for half of their young lives.

So it is about time I shared some more photos of these cute kittens – that I sometimes call my honeys…

All these pictures were taken while they were laying on the bed – it happens to be the only place I forbid them to go (that’s what they think of my rules!)

Trust me, it’s very hard to force two kittens off the bed – especially when they look like this.

or when they are engaged in synchronised sleeping

and when they are sharing such tender moments

Will I ever get a chance to enforce the rules?

My will power is beaten – by kittens!

Kittens with no respect for rules

Kittens that demand you feed them and then insist on sleeping on your bed

Hold on a minute – what about if I want to go to bed?

Hey my honeys, can I join you?

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  1. Hello, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  2. Bianca

     /  15/03/2013

    enchanting little kittens, no wonder you just end up sharing the bed =)

  3. shanemac

     /  03/03/2013

    They are growing fast and ever so cute.

    • Yes, they are certainly growing so fast – Jojo especially, as he eats his own food and half of JJ’s as well!

  4. THese two have you wrapped around their little paws!


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