Enter the Dragon Fruit

The first time I ever tried Dragon Fruit was in Bangkok, Thailand.

Many food sellers in the markets of the Khao San Road served big portions of fruit for breakfast – which included this deep pink fruit with tiny black seeds.

I had never seen anything like it before, but the colour and texture looked fascinating and tasty – and it was.

I soon realised there were two versions, the pink one and a white one – I ate them for breakfast every morning while I was there.

Heap of dragon fruit

Heap of dragon fruit

The next memory I have of Dragon Fruit was when I was travelling for 8 days on the back of a motorbike along the Ho Chi Minh trail through Vietnam.

My driver, Mr Thong, stopped at a roadside stall in the middle of what I can only describe as ‘Dragon Fruit Country’.

There were Dragon Fruit farms everywhere and, because this fruit was SO fresh, it was even more succulent than those from Thailand.

Dragon fruit on the vine... err branch maybe?

Dragon fruit on the vine… err branch maybe?

Enter Bali…. My first taste of the pink fruit in Bali was in the form of a Dragon Fruit Juice served at the Botanical Gardens, Ubud.

Since then Yaniq has bought me two Dragon Fruit plants for my garden, which are growing well but haven’t delivered any fruit just yet.

Meanwhile, he turned up one day with a bag for me… I opened it up to find 10 Dragon Fruit inside – some pink, some white 🙂

Dragon Fruit Juice for breakfast in my garden

Dragon Fruit Juice for breakfast in my garden

I had a pink one (the smaller of the fruit) in a juice for breakfast while sitting in the welcome shade of my garden.

Then I had the pink and white Dragon Fruit along with Papaya and Watermelon for breakfast the next few mornings – very healthy.

Dragon fruit in my breakfast bowl

Dragon fruit in my breakfast bowl

Then I remembered that a month ago I had a Dragon Fruit Cocktail in a bar – the pink/purple liquid goes well with vodka and a slice of lemon.

Dragon Fruit Cocktail

Dragon Fruit Cocktail

Ahh, so maybe that is what I will use the remaining Dragon Fruit for – hic!

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  1. Thanks for the great photos! My mouth is watering. Yum!

    On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 6:12 PM, Julie in Bali

    • You will have to join us for a ‘dragon fruit ceremony’ when my plants bear some fruit, hopefully later this year.


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