Coffee (from picking it – to drinking it)

Take the idea of ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ to another level.

Maybe ‘reach out and pick the coffee‘…

Coffee - on a branch

Coffee – on a branch

or ‘take a ladle and roast the coffee‘…

The roasting process

The roasting process

Or  ‘grab a stick and pound the coffee‘…

Pounding the coffee beans

Pounding the coffee beans

Don’t forget to sort the coffee…

Coffee at different stages

And, most importantly, taste the coffee…

Serving coffee on a branch!

Serving coffee on a branch!

At this coffee plantation they give you plenty to choose from, including my favourite: chocolate coffee!

It’s all served nicely on a branch from a tree – which has been carved so that the cups can sit in it.  Oh and there is some tea there too.

A special cup

A cup of special coffee

And maybe you would want to try a cup of the special coffee (coffee is spelt kopi here in Indonesia).

The special coffee has a story of its own so maybe I will write about that in another post at another time.  So look out for a future post about Kopi Luwak.

Meanwhile, selamat minum (enjoy your drink).  Oh, and if you are a coffee lover check out this post about coffee too.

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  1. I’ve tried Luwak twice now. Personally, Bali Kopi works just fine, and chocolate Bali Kopi is delicious!


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