Where have I been? – Good Ole London Town!

Its been a month since my last blog!

There’s a good reason… I’ve been in England staying with my parents and catching up with family, friends and old London Town.

Here are some pics from my great trip.  Maybe you will see yourself here, not that I took photos of everyone, or maybe you’ll spot places you recognise.

Let’s start with Mum and Dad… that big garden you see behind them is their pride and joy.

At home with Mum and Dad

At home with Mum and Dad

They spend as many hours out there as possible – and it shows!

Even on a cloudy day, it’s full of colour and Mum knows the name of each and every plant.

Most of them have a story behind them too, Mum knows where she bought it or who gave it to her, whether it was more colourful last year compared to this year and where in the garden it used to be before she moved it – she often moves plants around.

Dad grows fruit and vegetables in the back part of the garden (unfortunately I just missed out on the raspberry season while I was there – shame).  He has another invitation to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace this year, where he will, once again, wear his medals with pride.

I’m so happy that Mum and Dad are overall in pretty good health and still very active and smiling 🙂

On our way for a pub lunch

On our way for a pub lunch

Here are a few snaps of friends from the ole Social Pursuits days (a fabulous adventure club we all belonged to years ago).

Chris, me, Susan and Wendy

Chris, me, Susan and Wendy

We met at our old haunt, the Yorkshire Grey pub, Chancery Lane – the same place that I met a few of them last year too.

Theo, me, Steve, Bruce and Jim

Theo, me, Steve, Bruce and Jim

It was a lovely evening and I was particularly happy to see Theo and Chris there – given that they had emigrated to Australia, but now happened to be back in London.

I hadn’t seen some of them in years, so want to say a big thanks that they all turned up to say hello.  Anson and Viv, Karl and Hazel etc., where were you when we took these pics?

On another day my aunt Jo and uncle John invited us for Sunday lunch at their house (I hadn’t had a roast dinner for a year so it was well appreciated).

Family visit

Family visit

Then I took some pics of London that intrigued me…

The cable car over the River Thames in Docklands was new to me (it’s not a pretty view from here, but I bet it would look good from up there in the sky – particularly if it had been a sunny day).

Cable car over the River Thames

Cable car over the River Thames

I took a photo of this sign for the new transport system that they’re building, with links across London, because I remember Crossrail being talked about back in the 80’s and finally it is happening – good news for Londoners.

Crossrail - London's new transport system

Crossrail – London’s new transport system

The picture below is at ‘Bank’ which is is in the heart of London’s ‘banking’ district as you might expect.

I had just come up from the tube (London Underground) and couldn’t resist a few pics.



This is an area I used to work in – years ago – and it oozes with character and history.

The next photo is still at Bank but this time it shows a double decker London bus – a number 25 bus at that!

Double decker bus at Bank

Double decker bus at Bank

I know that particular bus route well… it goes from Bank to Bishopsgate, to Aldgate East, past the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel, through Stepney Green, past Mile End and Bow Church (to be a cockney you have to be born within the sound of the bells at Bow Church – which I was), through Stratford (where the Olympics were held in 2012), past Green Street and all the way to Manor Park – where I grew up.

And if you went on that bus in the other direction you would go past St Paul’s,  Holborn Circus, Chancery Lane and end up in New Oxford Street and then Wardour Street (Soho), where the famous Marquee Club used to be – back in the old days.

I didn’t take a photo of Upton Park, which is actually the nearest tube station to West Ham football stadium, but I did take a pic of a West Ham underground station sign – purely for all those football lovers who might look at my blog:

Especially for the football fans

Especially for the football fans

I took a walk around the City of London after meeting my badminton club friends for an Italian meal at the Barbican (can’t believe I didn’t take any pics while we were in the restaurant – nor when I met Katrina either!).

Most of the pics were too dark except this one…

Hahaha, just my sense of humour!

Good memories of a good trip to London and then…

…my flight back to Bali had a stop in Amsterdam.  So I met up with my friend Nancy for a few beers – thanks Nans.

Nancy and me in Amsterdam

Nancy and me in Amsterdam

I originally met Nancy in Bali and I do hope she will come back here one of these days (secretly I want her to sing on Yaniq’s new album – she has a great voice! – not much of a secret now is it!)

Note to myself.. Hey, put that sweater and jacket away – you’re in Bali now!

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  1. Wendy

     /  07/06/2013

    Loved your blog. So good to see Theo and Chris as we miss them here in Oz.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for the feedback on the blog and, yes, I was also so happy to see Theo and Chris again… it had been a longgg time.

  2. It’s fun to see family photos and shots of London. Your parents, and their garden, are lovely! But its good to have you back!


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