What have bean bags and hammocks got in common?

This giant beanbag was in the foyer area on the other side of Gaya Fusion Art Space, in Sayan.  A cool place to chill…

Me on a bean bag

Me on a bean bag

with a nice cold beer… or three.

Now that's what I call a bean bag

Now that’s what I call a bean bag

Did you know that ‘Soccos’ was the name of the first beanbag chairs ever made, way back in 1969.  They were leather bags filled with styrofoam beans and they are still made today apparently.

I really like laying on a bean bag, but it’s not so easy to get up from it – or maybe that’s because of all those beers?!?

I also like hammocks – they’re also great to lay in, yet can be tricky to get out of as well.

My new hammock

My new hammock

I just bought one, so this picture is hot off the press because, as you can see, we haven’t put it up yet.

Talking of hammocks… Yaniq made my poem, ‘Lost in a Hammock’ into a great song by the same name.

Dream of me
Dream of you
In a hammock made for two
…Lost in a hammock

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  1. There is nothing as indulgent as a hammock! Will it hold two or will you be fighting over it?!

    • Well the song lyrics are, ‘in a hammock made for two’ but in reality I went for a single one (gonna buy a timer tomorrow!)

  2. great foots..as always!

    • Thanks for liking my fotos Sandeh, you will have to come over and have a lie down on the hammock once we get it hooked up to the pillars. See you x


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