New T Shirts

We bought Gede and Ketut some new T. Shirts and they look like this:

Gede and Ketut

Gede and Ketut

They’re comfortable, practical and green in both colour and nature.

Whatsmore they spread the message about Rumah Jepun

Rumah Jepun on the back

Rumah Jepun on the back – look carefully & you see Jojo on the step between them

And the cats, Jojo and JJ, seem to like the new T. Shirts (well, a bit!)

Jojo and JJ  squirming to get away

Jj and Jojo squirming to get away

I asked Gede and Ketut how they felt about having a jepun flower on the T. Shirt and they were both happy with the design (can’t imagine many western guys liking that idea).

Outside the door to Rumah Jepun

Outside the door to Rumah Jepun

Gede serves a great breakfast on the balcony… a pot of tea or coffee, tropical fruit platter and a delicious banana pancake, drizzled with honey (his pancakes are famous now, as so many guests have commented about them in rave reviews).

Serving up a tasty breakfast

Gede – serving up a tasty breakfast

Gede is our regular live-in staff.

He does such a great job of keeping the house and garden clean and tidy not to mention cooking breakfasts for guests staying in the downstairs accommodation (and me!).

When Gede isn’t here Ketut takes over and both of them are very friendly, helpful and efficient.

They are more than just staff, they are friends and I know both their families too.  You can see Ketut’s wedding here and accommodation that Gede’s father, Nyoman rents out here – which is up in the cooler mountains overlooking the volcano.

Pouring tea with a smile

Pouring tea with a smile

Suksema Gede dan Ketut (= thank you Gede and Ketut).

Now, let me introduce you to Pasek, the man who built this wonderful house that I’m so happy to live in and share with guests.

Pasek - house builder extraordinaire

Pasek – house builder extraordinaire

Pasek expertly dealt with every step of the project from negotiating the land, designing and building, finding all the workers, ordering the materials and ensuring all the ceremonies were performed along the way.

He made the whole process a joy to experience and I was absolutely delighted with the end result – and I’m still delighted.

I moved in one year ago today and soon I’ll write about some of the changes and highlights of this first fabulous year at Rumah Jepun.  Meanwhile, click here if you want to see more of the house and contact me if you want to book a room.

Come and stay at Rumah Jepun

Come and stay at Rumah Jepun

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  1. shanemac

     /  29/06/2013

    You know how lucky you are to have Ketut and Gede with you and to have your beautiful home, don’t you, Julie. Your cup is overflowing.

    • Yes Shane, SO lucky!
      I thank my lucky stars and the gaps between them 🙂
      See you Thurs.

  2. It was wonderful to open up my e-mail this first morning back in the States and see the faces of four of my favorite people (and my two favorite cats) in Bali! Thanks for this post, Julie! I’m spreading the word about Rumah Jepun to all my friends…see you in October…!

    • Hey Sherry, glad to hear you made it back ok… your ears must have been burning yesterday when we picked 2 big papayas from the garden and the guys said, “If Sherry were here…”
      I told them I would contact you and they all said to say a big hello.
      Thanks for sharing Rumah Jepun’s birthday with your friends.

  1. What’s new at Rumah Jepun | Julie in Bali

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