One year at Rumah Jepun

I moved into Rumah Jepun, my lovely new house, a year ago and one of the biggest changes during that time is how the garden looks.

Then: we were sowing individual tufts of grass onto bare dirt, with a few border plants and a lot of happy potential…

View from my balcony a year ago

That’s me gardening down there and, of course, I had tons of help from the guys too

Now: a lush green lawn whose borders overflow with plants

One year on...

View from my balcony – one year on…

A year ago the lower level garden looked like this:

Proving, once again, that I did do some gardening

Proving, once again, that I did do some gardening

Now its like this…

The true meaning of "Ever Green"

The true meaning of “Ever Green”

We are growing pineapples, sugar cane, chillis, an avocado tree, lemon tree, mango tree and a dozen or so papaya trees etc.,

Fresh papaya anyone?

Fresh papaya anyone?

and a lemon tree – I love fruit!

Just another lemon tree...

Just another lemon tree…

Would you believe that this:



… now looks like this:



or that this:



…is now this…

A ripe garden

A ripe garden

Bali’s soil is rich and the climate is ideal for growing plants quickly.

There are more changes too – but I’ll save them for another blog post (you can see pictures from our party to celebrate 1 year at Rumah Jepun here)

Meanwhile, we hope you will come and stay at Rumah Jepun (click the link for more info or contact us directly: ).

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  1. purbowo erlianto

     /  11/07/2013

    julie kamu luar biasa, karena kamu suka negeri saya, jadi saya bangga sama kamu

  2. The transformation is nothing short of amazing! So beautiful!

  3. kuatarina mount

     /  06/07/2013

    Wow! Amazing. Lots of love xxx

    • Hey Kuatarina, how are you? Don’t suppose you are in Morocco – if so, did you go to the music festival? My friend Gabe is out there at the moment and it made me think of you and your Moroccan adventures!

  4. Its already a year!!! how time goes quickly…
    your garden looks magnificent! My gardener Kadek disappeared, I can not reach him by phone, nor do I know where he lives…since 3 weeks I am doing my garden myself, but it is getting a bit hard. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks Sandeh – I’ve just mentioned it to Pasek & he will make some enquiries – send me an sms with how many hours a week you want.


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