It’s Party Time

We celebrated Rumah Jepun’s first birthday by having a ‘garden’ party… on the balcony.

“Why not in the garden,” you ask? = Rain!

Yaniq, Ketut and Gede had done such a great job of decorating the garden, Balinese style,

Making the archway

Yaniq and Ketut making the archway

with young palm leaves which hung from a bamboo archway at the bottom of the steps.

Decorative Balinese archway

Decorative Balinese archway

They had lined the path with candles, which were also dotted around the edge of the garden – and hanging from papaya trees and trumpet plants.

Candle holder to light up the trumpets

A hanging candle holder to light up the trumpets

The candle holders were handmade from the trunk of a banana tree and they gave off a lovely soft glow.

Even I’d had a go at making some of the palm leaf decorations

Proud of my flower tipped origami

Proud of my flower tipped origami

We had mats and chairs ready to bring out to the garden and then it rained… and then it rained some more.

Plan B sprung into action.

Francoises chatting to Sandhi

Francoises laughing with Sandhi on the balcony

The balcony became a party zone.

Soon after the guests arrived, so did the food that the guys had spent all afternoon preparing… freshly grilled sate, vegetables cooked with coconut, rice as well as tofu and tempe for the vegetarians.  All washed down with peanut and chilli sauces and ice cold beers.

Yaniq played 'Let the Rain Fall Down' - an appropriate song

Yaniq playing, ‘Let the Rain Fall Down’ – an appropriate song

Yaniq played his new songs and we also did a few numbers together in the form of musical poetry (well I really can’t sing now, can I!).

Some of our guests sang and played guitar too

Over to you Steve

Over to you Steve

thanks Yaniq, Steve, Curtis, Robert, Wayan and Francoises for the music

Curtis who plays in a band in the UK

Curtis, who plays guitar in a band in the UK and Yaniq who was handed the djembe by Wayan

and we were even entertained by Kay’s magic and card tricks.

Kay's card tricks and magic

Kay’s card tricks and magic

Half way into the evening the rain let up and we were finally able to light the candles.

Lighting up the garden

Lighting up the garden

The garden looked stunning as we looked down on it from the balcony.

Million glowing lights - far as my eyes can see

Millions of glowing lights – far as my eyes can see

It looked like Millions of Glowing Lights, which also happens to be the title of one of Yaniq’s songs that he played for us.

What a lovely evening – Happy Balinese Birthday Rumah Jepun.

Suksuma (thank you)

Suksuma (thank you)

I say ‘Balinese’ birthday because their calendar is very different to ours, it is based on the moon.  The ‘normal’ western anniversary date already occured a few weeks back.

Maybe next year I’ll have another party, but on the western anniversary date – hope it will be a dry evening!

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  1. Wow Julie, it looks so beautiful and it looked like everyone was having a great time. Congratulations on your successful first year with Villa Jepun and your new home.

  2. It looks magical! Happy Birthday Rumah Jepun!

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