Day tripper – take me to the bridge

We went for a day trip to see the highest bridge in Indonesia (and in the whole of South East Asia, according to reports).

There was some lovely scenery along the way.

Fields of flowers

Fields of flowers – used daily in Balinese offerings (canang)

And we drove past an elephant on the road.

Ooops - I forgot to bring the bananas

Ooops – I forgot to bring the bananas

A friend of mine works at Bagus Agro Pelaga, near the bridge.  So we stopped in to say hello but he wasn’t working that day –

Bagus Agro Pelaga

Bagus Agro Pelaga

… never mind we had lunch there anyway.

Yaniq’s picking up the asparagus with chopsticks, which is not something the Balinese usually use.

The first time Yaniq has used chopsticks

Eating bakso with chopsticks

In the background you can see his guitar case and we travelled for miles with that guitar on the motorbike.

Above the guitar is a vase of white roses, the scent of which was wonderful (I seem to remember my Mum telling me that pure white roses are relatively rare – these are for you Mum).

Pure white roses

Pure white roses

The meal we shared was interesting… it was called ‘Steamboat’ and you cooked the food (Bakso) yourself at your table

After lunch we wandered around the grounds and saw one of their rooms – great views

Nice views from the balcony at Bagus Agro

Nice views from the balcony at Bagus Agro

I even bought a kilo of the delicious strawberries that they were growing and selling at the resort

Just sitting there, admiring the view

Just sitting there, admiring the view

When we finally reached our destination there were already a number of cars and motorbikes parked on the bridge.

People were selling snacks and one guy was driving his motorbike up and down the bridge trying to find people who wanted their photo taken with the dramatic backdrop.  Luckily I had brought my own camera.

Looking out from the bridge

Looking out from the bridge

The bridge at Pelaga (which is between the towns of Kintamani and Bedugul) stands up to 71.14 meters tall and spans the length of 360 meters across the valley and its magnificent views.

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

The pillars go down 41 feet and they say the bridge can withstand earthquakes up to 7 on the richter scale.

Highest bridge in S.E. Asia

Highest bridge in S.E. Asia

At the other side of the bridge we visited the Bali Eco Village, which deserves a blog all of its own – so click here.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture showing our reflection in the rice fields.

Photo of our own reflection

Photo of our own reflection

I’m hidden behind a tree, but you can see Yaniq and the motorbike and between him and the handlebars is the travelling guitar.

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  1. Thank you very much for visiting Pelaga. Again I apologize for not accompany you during that time. I am even not able yet to visit your Rumah Jepun.

  2. What a great day out! The resort looks lovely and I love steamboat. Are those flowers marigolds which the Indonesians use for garlands (and any other decorations!)?

    • Thanks.
      Yes, they are marigolds, although I think the Balinese have a different name for them. They are used extensively in offerings (canang) and the flowers are grown in the cooler climate up in the mountains where the bridge is.

      • I love them although the aroma isn’t the best floral smell! Thanks. I’ve been to Jakarta but have never travelled throughout Indonesia (unlike my husband who goes all over the islands on business). I have to plan a trip there before we leave SE Asia!

        • Your comment has encouraged me to pick a marigold from the plant in my garden and I’m sniffing it right now. I actually quite like its aroma – a bit strong for a perfume though!
          If you come to Ubud do let me know and at least stop by for coffee (or maybe even stay here at Rumah Jepun –
          Enjoy S.E. Asia.

        • Hi Julie

          Just checked out your guest house and it looks wonderful, especially the garden. I look forward to hearing more from Ubud and will definitely come for a coffee should I be passing.

          PS which airport is closest to Ubud?

        • There is only one airport in Bali and it’s called Denpasar airport (or the difficult to pronounce, ‘Ngurah Rai’). We are approx 1.5 hours away – depending on traffic!
          Hope to meet you soon.

        • Of course it’s Denpasar – you’re in Bali – had a brain lock down yesterday! Apologies. My daughter is always pestering to go to Bali so, who knows?! Have a great day, Cath.

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