Triangular bamboo and glass door

After our visit to the tallest bridge in S.E. Asia at Pelaga (Plaga), we went deep, and I mean deep, into the depths of a very steep valley where we eventually found the Bali Eco Village – and what a find it was.

Built from bamboo, inside and out, this ‘village’ is very green indeed.

The exterior of the main building is mightily impressive and unique.  Even the roof is made of bamboo!

And I was just as impressed by the interior.

Walking through the triangular door, past the net curtains and into this spacious structure with its lofty bamboo walls reaching high up to the pinnacle, I got the sensation of nature’s grandeur, on the inside.

The grounds were delightful too

We were shown one of the bamboo houses that you can rent

where even the curtain hooks, staircase and chair was made of bamboo

We took a deep breath of fresh, clean air as we admired the view from the balcony…

and was shown around the spa and yoga studios (yes they have two studios, one for morning and the other for afternoon sessions).

Once again, I take my hat off to the versatility of bamboo.

Click if you want to see a Green School made of bamboo or read a poem about bamboo or see a bamboo orchestra.

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  1. What an inspiring building and interior space.

  2. shanemac

     /  19/08/2013

    Julie, this looks like a gorgeous day trip. Thanks for showing it to us.

  1. Day tripper – take me to the bridge | Julie in Bali

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