A chocolate dilemma – eat it or wear it?

I experienced my first ‘chocolate’ massage.

The therapist started with a whole body massage using organic coconut oil.

It was so relaxing that, by the end of the hour, I had almost forgotten that I’d booked a chocolate massage… that is, until I smelt it.

The aroma of chocolate saturated the air and, as my nostrils were busily sniffing in its familiar scent, I could almost taste its sweetness.

Then I felt her warm, chocolate-covered hands on my back and the texture of melted chocolate on my skin.  Moments later my whole body was covered in a layer of dark brown and she was wrapping me up in sarongs.

I was left there for 5 minutes while my body absorbed nature’s sweet cacao.

Garden massage room

Garden massage room

Within the tightly wrapped material my brown hands rested on my brown stomach.

It’s a unique sensation to use your chocolate covered fingers to touch your chocolate coated belly – it’s soft and yielding.

Display of different products used for massage

Display of different products used for massage

When the massage therapist re-appeared and opened the sarong, I felt like a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis.  A brown skinned me emerged and was directed to the shower.  But I couldn’t wash it off without tasting just a little bit first, could I!

My finger strayed into my mouth, of its own accord.  The chocolate was bitter-sweet which, in hindsight, was a good thing – else I’d never have got into the shower to wash it all off.

But the experience didn’t end there, oh no.  I turned around to see the copper bath tub filled with flowers.

Flower bath by the garden

Flower bath by the garden

I was soon up to my neck in pink and red petals.

I lay there sipping the fresh ginger tea and savouring the slices of tropical fruit that the therapist brought me.

For timeless minutes I luxuriated in my flower bath while looking at the different shades of green in my own personal spa garden, surrounded by a bamboo fence with the sky above.

When I finally surfaced my body felt noticably smoother, supple and totally relaxed – so did my mind.  Thanks to Sedona Spa.

Back home a gift was waiting…

Lithuanian chocolate

Lithuanian chocolate – nice packaging

a bar of Lithuanian chocolate!  Ieva and her mother, who were our guests here at Rumah Jepun for just one night had bought us a bar of chocolate from their country, Lithuania.  How thoughtful.

So, in the end, I got to wear my chocolate and eat it too!

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  1. kuatarina mount

     /  31/08/2013

    I would have licked it all off, if I could reach all the parts. I love bitter sweet chocolate, and I love you, too. xxx

    • Sweet!
      Hey, where in the world are you nowadays – I saw the pics from Spain with you and Laura – great!
      Hati hati

  2. A girl who can wear her chocolate and eat it too is lucky indeed!

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