From healing to astral travelling

I went to a free talk by John Wong, author of, ‘Awaken your Healing Power’.

In 2005,  John, a  31 year old molecular biologist, suffered an illness that paralysed him from his neck down and he lost his sight too.

However the man standing in front of us showed no indication of these major issues that occured in his life just a few years ago.

He had been healed and… he had healed himself, after medical science had given up hope.

He spoke of spontaneous recoveries that can happen when you truly ‘know yourself’ – and, during the paralysis, he went deep inside and got to know himself.

John reminded us that we only use between 3-5% of our brain, and only the same percentage of our DNA too – the rest is dormant… deep inside.

He describes DNA as a form of antenna and gave some interesting facts about how, just by being close to things, we can sometimes pick them up in our bodies (as a molecular biologist he would be aware of such things – like how lab technicians, after many years working on a particular thing, actually get that thing within them, even though it is not ingested, or airborne etc., nor is it dangerous to them, it’s just there – it’s the ‘antenna’ at work).

During his illness, which resulted in a kind of inner meditation, his antenna appears to have tapped into something beyond the usual 3-5% of brain power or DNA.  He calls it Transcendental Connection and it healed him.

If you are in Ubud today (18/9/13) go to Taksu Spa, Gootama Street, as he will once again be giving this very interesting free talk at 5.30pm.

He also has some free tickets for a symposium this weekend in Denpasar about complimentary medicine.  He will be speaking there, along with well known international speakers talking about things from Spiritual-Hypnosis Assisted Therapy, the use of the QI (quantum information) laser, through to holographic scaling, the future of thermography and astral travel etc.

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  1. sandehvallesi

     /  18/09/2013

    I will be there tonight,
    Thank you for telling me.
    ❤ Sandeh

  2. I love this stuff! Wish I could be there to hear him.

  3. kuatarina mount

     /  18/09/2013

    Interesting, Julie


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