Bye bye Mr Sunshine

We arrived at this beautiful beach with just a few minutes to spare before sunset.

Crossing the wooden bridge

Crossing the wooden bridge

I’d never seen such characterful beach buildings before.  They were all propped up on wooden stilts and were either cafes or accommodation (note to self… must stay there next time).

Walking past the cafes on stilts

Walking past the cafes on stilts

You can see how late in the day it is by the long shadow cast by Yaniq and his guitar.

Yaniq singing about the beach

Yaniq singing Ticket to Paradise

We found a good spot to chill out at and Yaniq kicked off with his song, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ – which was particularly appropriate, given the Balangan beach setting.

I was his only audience on this ocassion, although some passersby did tune-in while they walked along the beach… that started to drip with gold…

Just look at those sunset colours

Just look at those golden sunset colours

Don’t you just love sunsets?

How many shades of sunset yellow?

How many shades of sunset yellow?

I particularly like the colours on this next pic

Bye bye Mr Sunshine

Bye bye Mr Sunshine

Cheers – here’s to sunsets and music on the beach



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  1. Yes it is a beautiful beach. We went there with Surdham, who knew it with the book-cast and stayed there overnight. I have some nice pics of it as well.
    Thank you again, dear Julie for your joyful reports. I really enjoy your blog!!!

  2. kuatarina mount

     /  01/10/2013

    I love sunsets too, Julie xxx


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