Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013

The 10th anniversary of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival has arrived.

My festival programme is well worn, from excited fingers flitting from page to page… ticking book launches, circling workshops, underlining artistic events and highlighting readings for the five, thought-provoking, days (11-15 Oct 2013).

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival - programme and ticket

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival – programme and ticket

This year’s theme ‘Through Darkness to Light’ is delivering a wealth of goodies to tantalizing my literary tastebuds – it’s enough to make me dizzy.

I can listen to best selling authors giving tons of tips and sharing slices of their latest blockbusters.

Shall I learn about travel writing or mastering storytelling?  What about a workshop to enchance my poetry presentations or maybe one about comedy or self-publishing!

How about watching some of the films that have just been premiered at the Balinale Film Festival (which I attended the other night!) and of course I’ll be at some of the free evening events too – last night’s street party was such good fun, and then there was ‘Jalan Monster’ – where contemporary artists transformed the street into an exhibition area.

So many choices, over 200 authors from 30+ countries will be speaking in 50 venues across Ubud – looking forward to more days of fun!

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