A piece of cake or… a cake of peace

What a great way to teach values at a school.

Get the kids to make a paper cake, where each ingredients, such as the paper, tape, decorations and even the air inside and cherry on the top represents a value, such as respect, honesty, peace, compassion, love etc.

Cake of Peace

Cakes of Peace

These cakes were made by children at Karuna Bali, located at ‘Open Heart Space’, Campuhan College, Ubud.  Teachers in the western world, please take note.

Get far more than a piece of cake – get a cake of peace 🙂

I have a poem that fits with this idea… it’s called ‘Ingredients of Life’ and it starts like this:

Ingredients of Life

The most important ingredient
in our meal of many flavours
is love

The essential component
of our house built with strong hands
is heart

          and it ends like this:

The sole reason for our happiness
is the attitude we chose
to take

When we mix all the ingredients together
the word on the cake
of life says,

(if you want the whole poem, please email me and I will send it to you)

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