Peaceful Warrior – unleashing tranquility

After reading a book about the Hindu epic, ‘Ramayana’ (a story which pre-dates the Mahabharata), I was moved to write this poem:

Peaceful warrior

The peaceful warrior went to war
carrying caskets of swirling mists
laden with gentle delights

sprays of restful comfort
gifts of golden joy
essence of benevolent laughter

fine shimmering dusts of compassion
and amulets that when looked at
released soothing tranquil music

The peaceful warrior won.

And now, for the first time in this blog, which has featured all my own original material, I’ve decided to share a post copied from elsewhere.

Why? Because it connects so well, because it made me laugh and because I hope the Buddhist’s aim, ‘to unleash tranquility on west’ succeeds.

Please feel free to share this too:,34623/

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  1. The article may have been written tongue-in-cheek but one can only hope there’s some truth.


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