Cyberspace – poem

I was delighted that my poem, ‘Cyberspace’ was published in the ‘Communications’ edition of ‘Inspired Bali’ magazine – out this month:


Yes, its cool
to hang out
in cyberspace

From your chair
make friends
across the human race

Buy all you need
without leaving
your home base

The world’s small
through the lens
of this virtual place

You don’t need
any more

Don’t need
to step outside
the door

No reason
to wander
around the shop floor

Can just
be lazy
to your very core

How long
before you realise
something real is missing

Before facebook friends
are the only ones
you’re kissing

Til information overload
becomes more boring
than fishing

Until earth-filled
fingernails are what
you are wishing

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  1. I especially love the line, MORE BORING THAN FISHING! I’ve noticed, however, that people who go fishing and actually catch fish don’t seem to share these sentiments!

    • Welcome back! Yes I agree, however, I suspect that a sizeable number of computer fanatics will share those sentiments.


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