Musical drawings in fantasy land…

Take a look at this drawing.  What do you see?

I mean, what do you really see?  Look at the small details.

'Shadows in the Mirror' by Yaniq

‘Shadows in the Mirror’ by Yaniq

Yaniq has created many drawings that warrant close attention to detail, and this is a great example of them.

The mirror image is not true at all.  The guitars face the wrong way, her clothes and the candle holders might be black – or white, the instruments might be plain – or patterned, the plant might be light – or dark.

To top it off, Yaniq’s signature and date can be found, backwards, in the mirror.

Hope you like it – please let us know if you do.

Also, please keep watching this blog because we’ll be announcing a new, live gig soon – so you’ll be able to hear Yaniq play all his own songs – without the aid of a mirror, hahaha!

Meanwhile check out his blog:

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  1. What kind of a mind is required to create like that? Yaniq’s art blows me away.

    • It’s a good question Sherry, the answer is probably a deep, thoughtful, complex mind – and his art, and music, blow me away too.

  2. shanemac

     /  20/06/2014

    Yaniq is multi-talented and creative. That’s a really good drawing.

  3. sandehvallesi

     /  20/06/2014

    Hello Julie,
    an amazing drawing he made again. I do like it!


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