I could stay here a long time…

I first came to Ubud on 28 February 2009 and, back then, I had been writing in my journal about my travels around the world.

A year later I had a look back at what I had written about on that first day here in Ubud – amid many words of praise for Bali my exact words about Ubud were “I could stay here a long time’.

Ubud is a nurturing and healing place full of smiles.  It has a magnetic energy that attracts open minded, artistic souls and those interested in mind, body, spirit.  There is a special, delightful feeling about being here.

In fact, the very name, ‘Ubud’ is derived from the word ‘Obat’ – which means ‘medicine/healing”!

It was destined to be a town full of spa’s and much more… a spiritual centre.

…..I feel like something
deep in my soul
has lived here for eternity…..

Me at Sebatu Temple

Me at Sebatu Temple

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  1. Ubud is an exceptionally special place (in my heart). I feel soo blessed i’ll be coming back for my second stay this year. Looking forward to seeing you again, Julie!

  2. Hey! Thanks for this blog! This really helped me when I was planning my trip to Bali! Great place and now after being there, i understand why you like this place so much!

  3. Lelle Taffyn

     /  27/05/2012

    Julie – how can i get your blog regularly? (cant find a link to do this – though may be staring at it!!) – ah ha – i am staring at it – thanks- Lelle

    • Glad you found the ‘Follow’ link and hope you enjoy my ramblings… I see that you have an Oz email – are you there or here at the moment?

  4. I felt that too, Julie. Wish I could be there for your book launch. Enjoy!

    • Hiya, yes it happens to a lot of us, doesn’t it! The launch went really well thanks – I’ll be posting more about it soon – watch this space! – many thanks. Julie


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