Poetic inspiration

Check out a book called, ‘A Taste of Bali’.  Self-published by Steve Castley’s, Poodlepress, it features his funny short stories about Bali as well as some of my poems, also inspired by Bali (available on Kindle).

Another book featuring some of my poetry, ‘Life’s Journeys’ was written by the Ubud Writers’ Group, of which I am a member.

I have many other unpublished poems – hmmm, maybe someone wants to feature them in another new book – it would be lovely to share more poetry!

Meanwhile, a number of my poems can be found on this blog and you can click here for a special poem – just for you.

Whatsmore, singer/songwriter Yaniq has used some of my poems as lyrics for his music. So I’m now a lyricist as well 🙂 He’s even recorded some of them and you can listen to ‘Smile’ from here: https://yaniq1.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/smile/

Life's Journeys - a new book featuring my poetry

Life’s Journeys – a new book featuring my poetry

stories and poems



With ‘Life’s Journeys’ I included poems that demonstrate a journey through life…

I start off with ‘Brand New’ and then meander through life by way of, ”Driving my Life’, ‘A Right Turn’, ‘Life is a River’ etc., and then go right up to ‘A Balinese Lesson’ which is about the way the Balinese cremate their dead…but it doesn’t stop there!

The final poem is, ‘I Will Meet You’ and this poem is about the after life – which links neatly back to the title of the first one… ‘Brand New’.

I believe life is a cycle… the essence of who we are, as humans, is not our bodies or our brains – no, our essence is a form of energy and energy cannot ‘die’, however it can and does, change – and so will we!

Maybe you will contact me about my poems/books, and maybe not… either way, I hope your own Life’s Journey is sweet 🙂

To read some of my poems just head over to the Poetry category (on the right-hand side of the screen under the Recent Posts section).

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  1. Peter Lloyd

     /  27/10/2012

    Hello Julie,
    Well impressed with your house! Alex and Liam love it! You look so well and happy we are very pleased for you. We are all fine, Liam is 3. Have a look on Facebook under Alexandra Albarracin and see some pics. We are off to Colombia on Jan 24th 2013 – me for 3 weeks and Alex and Liam for 2 months. Bye for now! Peter, Alex and Liam

    • Hey Peter
      Lovely to hear from you. It seems incredible that Liam is 3 already. I looked at the facebook page but couldn’t see any pics of you guys?
      Bet you are looking forward to Colombia again – maybe come to Bali one of these days!
      Yes, life is treating me very well here, I love it. I was back in London in Aug and met up with some SP’ers in Y.Grey – I did send you a message about it but maybe you were busy. Are you still doing the long commute up to London Pete?
      Take care and stay in touch.
      Cheers Julie


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